Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Mostly done with the clothes, well, I guess there's still some texture work left, but then again, noone will notice, so i just might leave it like this. Let's see, what do i have here: well, there's an Ncloth skirt that I modeled from a poly plane, then converted to SubD then NURBS and then back to poly and that way got some UV coordinates for free from NURBS. Yup, learned that technique from one of the Gnomon UV mapping tutorials. The Ncloth seems to be deforming fine, but i guess i'll only really know once the model's rigged and animated. The shirt and the suspenders were originally poly, then converted to Ncloth, simulated and then back to poly. I don't think i'm really gonna need dynamic simulations there because the Tshirt is skin tight and the suspenders are just sitting on top of it, and Ncloth is just waaaaaay slow, so i have to find ways around it if i can. Oh and i made some point to surface constraints over where the buttons on the suspenders are to make the T-shirt deform around them and not through them. Of course i had to tweak some vertices after i converted it all back to poly, since some things were still going through other things a bit. Bla bla bla, i'm such a geek.

The point is, i think it's almost time for hair!!!!

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