Saturday, March 3, 2012

Smeshariki playblasts

Here are the scenes I made for the "Smeshariki:Nachalo" movie, which would roughly translate as "Funballs: the beginning". Yes, funballs. Although in the US they're marketed as Gogoriki and in Germany as Kikoriki. If there's any more versions I'm not aware of those. The movie is the prequel to the immensely popular kids' series which have been running for 7 or 8 years. The series are done in Flash, although there's a spin-off "Pin-code" which is also in 3d. The movie's not in theaters anymore, so I suppose it's safe to post this. I added subtitles for your enjoyment. I'll add the actual movie footage a bit later once I figure out how to rip it out of the movie :D


  1. Smeshariki Nachalo looks like it would have been a fun project to work on. How much time do you have to animate a scene?

  2. It depends. All scenes were very different. Some took a week or 2, however the train scene which was 26 seconds long with 7 characters and the train to animate took almost 2 months. It was incredibly slow too, even playblasting was a nightmare and I pretty much had to animate blindly. I suppose it would have taken less time had it not been as slow.

    1. That sounds like it would have actually been quite frustrating to work with! Then again, Im not realy an animator by trade.
      Well, the final product turned out prety good=)